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Just learn what you can, and then it's up to you as to how to introduce him to your guests! This is Kush. His owner was asking if he may have some Coon in him.You will be one of the very first to know when our E-Book launches. And I promise your email address is completely secure. Our visitors are valued, we would never give out your email address!

I was visiting with family recently. Our conversation turned to our pets, and I was asked "So, how do you know your cats are Maine Coon Cats?" "Funny you should ask!" I answered.Of course, without a pedigree or a family history, you can never be absolutely sure whether he's a Maine Coon or a Maine Coon mix. He'll always be a bit of a mystery.

You can wrap a word in square brackets to make it appear bold. For example my story would show as my story on the Web page containing your story. TIP: Since most people scan Web pages, include your best thoughts in your firs.Have you been wondering if your cat or kitten "has some Coon in him?" Tell us about your cat, share a picture, and see what others think. What makes you think he might be a Maine Coon or Maine Coon Mix?

It will give you the background, information, and knowledge to figure out for yourself if your cat is indeed a Maine Coon! So before you go, make sure to sign up for Tattle Tails, our free newsletter.Kush, our very first "maybe Maine Coon" Upload your Maybe Maine Coon Pictures! PLEASE NOTE : Submissions are now posted in the current Monthly Photo Album So You Think You Have a Maine Coon?The inexperienced owners then have a litter of Maine Coon kittens on their hands. This scenario, as you can imagine, is unlikely. All owners of Maine Coon cats agree with their breeder to spay/neuter their kitten.Rarely! Why is this? Because Maine Coons are a natural breed, and they did develop in the "wild there is still a commonly held belief that the Maine Coon breed is still more, oh, how shall we say.

Uncontrolled? They are perceived as still roaming around, spreading their genes to the general cat population now and again. Of course, this is no longer the case! Back in the "old days the very beginning, they did live in barns and reproduce at will, creating.And due to overwhelming response, we have an exciting announcement to make! Since so many folks want to find out if their cat is a Maine Coon Cat or Maine Coon mix, there is now an official E-Book in the works!Still not sure? There's only one more thing to do. Send in a photo, and share your cat with the world! Tell us about his or her personality, how he or she came to you, and what makes you think you may have a Coon.Just one parent (or grandparent) was a purebred Maine Coon who didn't get spayed/neutered in time. "What about my shelter cat? He looks just like a Maine Coon!" He could be.Important Note: Because our answer is almost always "maybe we are now going to leave it up to our visitors and regular readers to do the answering! So leave a photo for other Maine Coon lovers to check out, and while you are here, make.Go ahead and send in your photo, we'd be happy to check it out! This is the place to do it. Note: "Where does a Maine Coon come from? What about kittens, feral cats, and shelter cats?" One thing to understand is that all full.


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